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About Us

Family Buisness

  • Rafael Landscaping was established in 2000 and has been in buisness for 23 years.
  • RG Landscaping has expertise in lawn care, and gurantee a good job.
  • We specialize in tree trimming, tree removal, storm damage, landscaping, retaining walls, and stump removal.

Lots of Experience

Since the year 2000, when RG landscaping was established the buisness has been running successfully with mutiple jobs handled with care.


Customer Satisfaction

Our customers satisifcation rate is high, and we gurantee a good job.


Free Estimates

RG landscaping offers free estimates.


Rafael Landscpaing offers a variety of services from Tree Removal & Trimming to Lawn Maintenance and New Sod

Tree Removal

RG Landscaping will perform any form of tree removal that you ask for. Stump removal is also an option.


We offer services relating to trimmings and other things related.

Yard Clean-Up

Our gardening service is superb when it comes to cleaning up your yard, for trash or other litter.

Sprinkler System

RG Landscpaing will implement a Sprinkler system into your yard in order to ensure that your garden is kept well.

Lawn Maintenance

RG Landscaping offers Lawn Maintenance where we will mow your lawn and make sure that your yard and kept as the way you want it.

New Sod

We offer new sod implementation where we put sod in your yard for new grass.


Here are some jobs that we have worked on site that ensures customer satisifcation.

  • All
  • Sod
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Tree Trimming
  • Yard Clean-Up

Sod 1


Sod 2


Sod 3


Sod 4


Sod 5


Sod 6


Sod 7


Lawn Maintenance 1

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance 2

Lawn Maintenance

Sod 8


Tree Trimming 1

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming 2

Tree Trimming

Sod 9


Tree Trimming 3

Tree Trimming

Lawn Maintenance 3

Lawn Maintenance

Tree Trimming 4

Tree Trimming

Yard Clean-Up 1

Yard Clean-Up


We always keep your personal wishes and needs in mind, for free estimates or quotes please contact us below. Below is also where we are generally located.


Orange County & Part of LA County


+1 714 561 3338